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April 15, 2024

Unlocking the Power of Vehicle Telematics: A Compact Solution Enhances Public Transportation for Smarter, Safer and Happier Mobility



In the bustling urban landscape, buses serve as the backbone of smart transportation, connecting communities and powering city life.


As we envision the future of urban mobility, smart buses emerge as a beacon of innovation, promising a triple win: safer roads, smoother operations and happier passengers. Unlocking this potential lies in the untapped treasure trove of vehicle telematics data, a transformative force that can revolutionise driver management, asset maintenance and passenger services.


NEXCOM VTC 1920 is a palm-sized ruggedised telematics gateway powered by Intel® Atom® Processor x7211RE (codenamed Amston Lake). This telematics gateway boasts impressive power, enabling real-time data acquisition, edge computing and network communication to control centre. The VTC 1920 extracts valuable vehicle telematics insights, conducts preliminary analysis and streams actionable results, empowering fleet operators to make informed decisions and optimise planning and operations for smart transportation services.

Transforming Buses into IoT Gateways with Advanced Vehicle Telematics



For smart transportation providers, the VTC 1920 unleashes the power of vehicle telematics, transforming buses into mobile nodes of the Internet of Things (IoT). Equipped with a comprehensive suite of interfaces such as CAN FD, COM and wireless connectivity, the VTC 1920 effortlessly reads and compiles vehicle status and diagnostic messages from vehicle control networks, providing real-time visibility into vehicle locations, work progress and potential anomalies.

Unparalleled Cellular Connectivity

NEXCOM’s latest series of mobile communication hubs, the VTC 6231, sets a new standard for versatility and connectivity in vehicles. Powered by Intel® Atom® Processor x7433RE (codenamed Amston Lake), the VTC 6231 serves as a powerful mobile communication hub. Building upon the durability and slim design, the VTC 6231 boasts five adaptable expansion slots for cellular connectivity and alternative options. This enhanced cellular connectivity translates to extra bandwidth and seamless connectivity, even when travelling through tunnels or crossing borders. With its five expansion slots, the VTC 6231 can accommodate more WWAN modules and SIM card slots than its predecessors.

Diverse Video Outputs for Advertising and PIS Application



The VTC 6231’s three independent video outputs – one VGA, one HDMI and one DP – enable Passenger Information System (PIS) application including watching news, video and weather reports, etc. Businesses can leverage these outputs to display advertisements and commercials, while tourist bureaus can showcase information about points of interest. Moreover, the VTC 6231’s serial port can connect to LED displays to provide journey information.


NEXCOM’s VTC 1920 and VTC 6231 emerge as champions of vehicle telematics, empowering smart transportation with easy and effective solutions. These devices harness the power of vehicle telematics to enhance road safety, optimise operations and elevate passenger satisfaction, ushering in an era of smarter, safer and happier mobility.

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