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April 30, 2014

NEXCOM Consolidates Vending, Advertisement & e-Commerce onto Intelligent Vending Machines

NEXCOM Maximizes Value of Intelligent Vending Machines with Vending, Advertisement, and e-CommerceNEXCOM is helping a client build an Android-based intelligent vending machine powered by ARM® Cortex®-A9 based Freescale™ i.MX 6DualLite application processor to allow consumers to buy online and pick up offline. NEXCOM packs the intelligent vending machine with wireless connectivity, interactive multimedia capability, and remote manageability including OTA update features. The client can provide reliable self-service retailing, food takeout, and interactive advertising services, maximizing the value of the intelligent vending machine.


NEXCOM provides 3G, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet connections required for the intelligent vending machine to connect to a cloud server. The machine can update inventory status, accept online payment, and dispense products through remote commands. That is to say consumers can check, buy, and collect in-stock items with a dedicated mobile app, enjoying seamless online-offline user experiences.


NEXCOM Maximizes Value of Intelligent Vending Machines with Vending, Advertisement, and e-Commerce


The intelligent vending machine is also biting its way into the online food delivery service with the online-offline model. Relying on NEXCOM's technology, the intelligent vending machine can control more than a hundred of cells and serve as a centralized pickup and drop-off point. The machine can help restaurants scale up delivery service with less effort and allow consumers to enjoy free delivery without minimum order.


NEXCOM also helps the intelligent vending machine build up Full HD multimedia and interactive capabilities with Freescale i.MX 6DualLite application processor and Android operating system. After a sale the machine can play product or company related commercials to increase brand awareness or use its touchscreen to engage consumers in coupon rewarding games to boost extra revenue. Being able to interact with real customers, as opposed to potential customers holds great appeal for product suppliers and can broaden the client's revenue stream with ad sales.

NEXCOM Maximizes Value of Intelligent Vending Machine

Being the key revenue engine, the intelligent vending machine is designed from the ground up to achieve high availability. Running on Cortex-A9 based Freescale i.MX 6DualLite application processor, the intelligent vending machine consumes so little energy that it eliminates overheating issues; the operating system and applications are always kept up to the latest version via over-the-air (OTA) update.


NEXCOM also builds custom watchdog timers onto the machine so the machine can automatically report machine conditions to a central server and allow remote monitoring, control, and debugging to maximize machine uptime. A thorough machine examination can be performed, remotely and onsite, with one simple click. The energy efficient and easy-to-maintain features will reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by a significant amount.


NEXCOM and the client is working in collaboration to implement the ARM-based Android intelligent vending machine in crowded metro stations, factories, office buildings, and campuses, aiming to bridge the gap between online and offline retailing to better serve the fast-growing e-commerce market.



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