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February 23, 2023

NEXCOM & Connect 5G Join Forces to Accelerate Deployment of Fixed Wireless Networks with Opus Magma

NEXCOM, a leading supplier of network appliances, and Connect 5G, a boutique telecom services firm accelerating mobile network deployments, partnered up to enable a solution based on NEXCOM’s Arm-based white boxes – DTA 1376 & NSA 6310, and Opus Magma multi-architecture containerized Access Gateway (AGW) stack, ready to be deployed and act as EPC in localized mobile networks. Fine-tuned and validated by Connect 5G, these boxes offer regional operators aiming to cover less populated communities in rural areas, a much more affordable and approachable edge solution to build their own mobile networks that otherwise could not be possible due to high cost and poor ROI. Endorsing the cause of the Magma project, NEXCOM joined the force with Connect 5G, along with other key members of Magma Core Foundation, seeking to overcome the barriers of building expensive wireless network infrastructure, by replacing EPC with open-sourced management software on Arm-based white boxes.


NEXCOM & Connect 5G Join Forces to Accelerate Deployment of Fixed Wireless Networks with Opus Magma


The co-op started early last year while NEXCOM was on the lookout for a good software partner among Arm’s ecosystem to turn these Arm SystemReady appliances further into ready-to-deploy solutions in 5G IT landscape. Connect 5G was then seeking more reliable platform partners to expand its solution portfolio, too. The professionals from Connect 5G team integrate NEXCOM’s Arm-based off-the-shelf uCPEs with the latest Opus Magma AGW v1.8 stack, connect to the cloud-based orchestrator, test LTE and 5G SA, and put them under field trial to prove that the solution can cope with the task as EPC. With Opus Magma AGW enabled, DTA 1376 & NSA 6310 allow CommSPs and WISPs to create a private LTE/5G network or extend wireless coverage in a local network with fewer efforts and expenditures.


“We are happy that our Arm-based product portfolio meets the requirements of service providers of all scales.” Says Alexander Su, General Manager of NEXCOM USA. “With this joint Arm-based solution, smaller WISPs can easily win new projects for building lower-cost community networks. Furthermore, we gain one more trustworthy partner - Connect 5G, and we are looking forward to more cooperation opportunities in the future.”


“This certification by Connect 5G ensures that these devices meet the highest standards for performance, reliability, and interoperability.” says Patrik Melander the co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Connect 5G, “By leveraging the strengths of Opus Magma built on the ARM architecture, regional operators can provide high-quality, affordable Fixed Wireless services to their communities. Our partnership with NEXCOM brings forward a selection of affordable and high performing edge devices to address the needs of the WISP community and private LTE and 5G organizations”


Connect 5G is leading the adoption and porting of Magma project to ARM architecture under its solution named Opus Magma. Magma Core and edge computing are important for rural America as they have the potential to provide solution for the challenges faced by rural communities in accessing reliable and affordable mobile services. In many rural areas, there is limited infrastructure for traditional mobile networks, making it difficult and costly to provide high-quality coverage. With edge computing and distributed EPC, network functions are performed closer to the end-user, reducing the dependence on central infrastructure and improving network performance.


”The combination of Opus Magma (Magma Core EPC) and NEXCOM's ARM architecture offers several advantages, including increased performance, energy efficiency, and scalability.” says Jordan Vrtanoski Chief Architect of Connect 5G. “With the ability to run multiple network functions in containers on the edge of the network, Magma Core on ARM architecture offers greater flexibility and improved network functionality. Moreover, this advanced edge computing enables the rapid deployment of 5G networks, which bring high-speed connectivity and low latency to rural communities.“


Opus Magma is the Magma Core EPC optimized for the ARM architecture. Running Magma EPC on ARM architecture and provides several advantages over other architectures such as:

1. Improved performance: ARM processors are known for their high performance and low power consumption, which is crucial for edge computing. Opus Magma delivers high performance and low latency, making it ideal for deploying 5G networks in rural areas.

2. Energy efficiency: ARM architecture is known for its energy-efficient designs, which is important for edge computing devices that may be deployed in remote areas with limited power resources. Opus Magma consumes less power, making it more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

3. Scalability: ARM architecture offers a highly scalable platform, which enables operators to easily add new network functions as their needs change.

About Connect 5G

Connect 5G is a boutique Telecom Services firm serving 52 Wireless operators in North America, enabling acceleration of mobile network deployments through a focus on quality, agility, and automation with expertise in multi-vendor Services of 5G, CBRS, LTE, and legacy technologies, bridging the digital divide in Rural America and enables 5G through new and innovative solutions.

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