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April 17, 2015

Industry 4.0-ready IoT Automation Solutions Saluted at Hannover Messe

At Hannover Messe, the world's biggest industrial automation exhibition, NEXCOM wins high appraisal on its Industry 4.0-ready IoT Automation Solutions from worldwide visitors. As manufactures are enthusiastic about tapping the power of big data analysis, lack of access to field data presents quite a challenge. NEXCOM Industry 4.0-ready IoT Automation Solutions enable data exchange among field devices and the cloud. Manufacturers now can apply Data-driven decision making (DDDM) to increase competitiveness, improve the bottom line, or anticipate trends.


Industry 4.0-ready IoT Automation Solutions Saluted at Hannover Messe


To lift communication barriers among field devices which use different field protocols, run independently, and lack connectivity, NEXCOM IoT Automation Solutions provide an open-architecture with cross-communication capability to connect machinery, robots, PLCs, and sensors. Along with support for data connection between the field and the cloud, NEXCOM IoT Automation Solutions allow data to freely flow from factories, enterprise offices, and the cloud, helping manufactures improve operations, strengthen security barriers, simplify device management, and reduce maintenance costs.


NEXCOM IoT Automation Solutions are divided into four categories: data concentration system, PC-based automation system, prediction maintenance system, and automatic metering system.


NEXOCM's data concentration systems are intended for data acquisition, harvesting sensor readings, machinery status, and manufacturing variables. NEXCOM's fieldbus concentrators and IoT gateways can easily convert data encapsulated in fieldbus protocols into an application-specific format, provide a unified user interface with the built-in NEXCOM OPC server software for data access, and connect to cloud servers with the MQTT software component.


NEXCOM's PC-based automation systems are compatible with most of the fieldbus control networks. The systems can also be used as standalone controllers with support for multiple fieldbus protocols. Besides 3G/Wi- Fi wireless connectivity, the built-in MQTT cloud software mechanism allows NEXCOM's PC-based automation systems to support cloud based applications.


For automation applications, control and monitoring are both important to prevent machinery failure, potential production interruption, and revenue and profit losses. Aimed at SCADA applications, NEXCOM's prediction maintenance solutions, based on well-established condition monitoring systems, can help with machinery condition analysis by measuring the time domain vibration altitude or detecting power spectrum based on signals from proximity sensors and accelerometers. NEXCOM's prediction maintenance solutions can also connect to machinery's control panels to gather operation data for further analysis. NEXCOM's systems are integrated with NEXCOM OPC server and remote alarm application components—which are compatible with well-established monitor software—to send alarm messages to maintenance engineers. Vibration data can also be shared via web-based functions to enable remote analysis.


NEXCOM's Automatic Metering systems are designed for environmental monitoring and process production, helping enhance pipeline safety and industrial flow measurement. The systems provide easy expansion of wireless communication protocols such as ZigBee and Wi-Fi as well as power line communication interfaces. The MQTT software mechanism is available for cloud-based applications. NEXOCM IoT Automation Solutions cover all scopes of IoT automation applications, offering a clear solution blueprint for IoT Automation infrastructure to turn a concept into reality.


For more information about NEXCOM's Industry 4.0-ready IoT Automation Solutions, please contact NEXCOM's sales representatives.

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