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May 17, 2022

Don’t Miss Out a Special Discount at NEXCOM Future City Virtual Expo

Starting from May, NEXCOM will hold a special campaign, providing a 15% off discount on sample purchase(s) for online survey participants of the NEXCOM Future City Virtual Expo. Through this data accumulation and perceptual innovation, NEXCOM aims to further enhance the expo, pursuing the ultimate user experience. However, companies are limited to one discount per model, so be sure to fill out the survey while supplies last!


Don’t Miss Out a Special Discount at NEXCOM Future City Virtual Expo


NEXCOM Future City Virtual Expo, an advanced and interactive online product exhibition where visitors can explore the three pavilions (Industry 4.0, Smart City and 5G) of NEXCOM’s Future City. In addition, they can view multiple target-market solutions powered by Intel’s high-tech platforms including: Intel’s Core™, Xeon®, Atom®, Celeron® processor series, and Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPU. Abundant resources like, solution videos and free downloads are provided for visitors to discover and decide on the solutions they desire while enjoying the scenery of the future.


Don’t Miss Out a Special Discount at NEXCOM Future City Virtual Expo

Industry 4.0 Pavilion

Discover total IoT solutions, robot & motion control solutions, production traceability & security in manufacturing as well as data transfer & security solutions throughout the site of mining, Petrochemical Plant, Enterprise War Room, etc. The seamless integration of NEXCOM’s software and hardware can be seen in the applications of multiple markets.

Smart City Pavilion

Composed of three themes (Intelligent Platform Solutions, Mobile Computing Solutions and Intelligent Surveillance Solutions), this pavilion displays NEXCOM’s total solutions and the vision of a smart city. Visitors can explore the city, shop in a mall, and ride on public transit.

  • Intelligent Platform Solutions
    Provide comprehensive & real time analysis in retail and passenger information management

  • Mobile Computing Solutions
    Apply urban transportation solutions and law enforcement by AI telematics computer systems

  • Intelligent Surveillance Solutions
    Deliver city surveillance solutions, seaport logistics solutions, edge counting solutions, etc.

5G Pavilion

Witness network appliances that fulfills the requirements of current market for high throughput, low latency, massive IoT and data security. These appliances are based on the latest Intel solutions including, the industrial security gateway product based on Intel Atom® x6212RE (codenamed Elkhart Lake), industrial-grade processor targeted for OT security with eSAF technology, high-performance security appliances for 5G networks based on 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® product family (codenamed Ice Lake), and SD-WAN hardware solutions with Intel Atom® C3000R processor series (formerly Denverton) inside.


In the NEXCOM Future City Virtual Expo, NEXCOM provides visitors with a mind-boggling exhibition experience. Be sure not to miss out on this opportunity and witness all the latest technological innovations.


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