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January 02, 2012

Tough Marine Certified Fanless Computer Sets Sail on Maiden Voyage

NEXCOM fanless marine computer nTUF 600 is a dedicated bridge and control room computing solution for use on fishing boats, recreational vessels, work boats and yachts that sail in tough maritime working conditions. Since nTUF600 is targeted at maritime applications, the mechanical and electrical design of the computer conforms to IEC60945, IACS-E10 and DNV 2.4 standards. Both the DC input and NMEA ports have isolation protection which ensures steady power delivery and signal transmission is free from noise interference. Powered by Intel® Atom™ dual core processor D525, nTUF 600 delivers optimal computing performance with graphics capability and thermal dispassion. To counter the effects of shock and vibration, nTUF 600 employs a screw type connector for example screw terminal, NMEA, and M12 GbE connection. It's crystal clear that nTUF600 is the perfect tailor-made solution for vessels, boats, yachts or sailing boat applications.


Tough Marine Compliant Fanless Computer Sets Sail on Maiden Voyage


IEC60945 and DNV2.4 Standards Certified

To establish a foothold in bridge and control room, nTUF 600 follows maritime related standards including IEC 60945, IACS-E10, and DNV 2.4; it can operate continuously under threats of shock and vibration at a temperature of -15~55℃. The fanless structure provides nTUF 600 better protection against humidity immersion and dust ingress and ensures the fanless marine computer can impeccably perform its functions on the rolling waves. In addition, NEXCOM offers a conformal coating service to give the nTUF 600 even better protection from salt corrosion.


Marine-Specific NMEA

nTUF 600 features NMEA interfaces to establish convenient connections for data transmission among assorted on-board devices such as Automatic Identification System (AIS), weather station, GPS system, gyroscope, radar, and echo sounder sonar. Moreover, the 2KV optical-isolated protection on NMEA ports can guarantee stable signal transmission by making nTUF 600 resistant to EMI disturbance. The isolation mechanism can also be seen on DC input, on which 1.5KV galvanic isolation protection is implemented on account of noise immunity, spurious oscillations, and circuit protection. As a result, fanless nTUF 600 is beefed up with both reliability and durability.


Keep Maintenance Simple

The SSD trays and CFast card socket located at the front of the computer offer easy access to storage units. It increases efficient for crew staff to replace storage units without dissembling the computer. The fanless design also has a beneficial effect on system maintenance.


nTUF 600 has a multitude of I/O options including 4xUSB, 2xPS/2, 2xIntel® GbE M2 LAN, 1xVGA and 2x RS232 with DB9 and 24V DC, all of which come with locks to ensure cables are securely fastened. To simplify system deployment, the 2G DDR2 memory module is preinstalled to save users from dissembling and Windows® Embedded OS pre-installation service provided for ease-of-use.


nTUF 600 belongs to NEXCOM nTUF series which represents NEXCOM Tough Computer.


Tough Marine Compliant Fanless Computer Sets Sail on Maiden Voyage


Target Application

  • Fishing vessel
  • Recreational boat
  • Merchant marine
  • Work boats
  • Sailing yacht

Main Feature

  • Intel® Atom™ Dual Core processor D525 on board
  • DDR2 2G pre-installed memory
  • Two 2.5" SSD tray
  • 1x Front Accessible CFast card socket
  • NMEA interface: 4x RS422/485, TX & RX signal, with 2KV optical isolation design
  • 2x Intel® GbE M12 LAN, 1x VGA, 4x USB, 2x PS/2, 2x RS232
  • 24V DC Input with 1.5KV Isolation Protection

Ordering Information

nTUF 600 (P/N: 10M00060000X2)

Intel® Atom™ Dual Core D525 Fanless Marine Computer

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