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March 25, 2015

NEXCOM’s WDR Cameras Augment Surveillance Accuracy and Coverage in Sydney Car Park

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The apartment complex in Sydney, Australia installed NEXCOM’s WDR (wide dynamic range) cameras in order to bring residents and drivers an excellent sense of security. Thanks for their abilities to record greater color details from shadows and rugged design, parking management and occasional investigations were simplified as blurred license plate images caused by headlight were avoided while clear video footage helps identify suspicious activity or accidents.


Effective surveillance in low-light parking areas is of paramount importance. Over the years, the complex community had relied on a CCTV system for maintaining car-park security and came to acknowledge its limitations such as poor image quality in dark conditions. The committee turned to EQL, NEXCOM’s Australian distributor, and decided to install NEXCOM’s WDR cameras to maximize surveillance coverage.


NEXCOM’s WDR Cameras Augment Surveillance Accuracy and Coverage in Sydney Car Park


Headlight and high-contrast conditions made it especially challenging for surveillance cameras to capture a usable video footage that identified license plate as they create glare, inconsistent image quality and inaccurate color. To tackle these issues, nine NCo-201-VHR WDR cameras were used to monitor parking spaces, entrances, and narrow areas such as stairwells and corridors where high-contrast or insufficient lighting conditions prevail. With true WDR and P-iris features, these cameras were able to reduce glare with headlight suppression while constant, clear image quality and vibrant color were assured. Image details for drivers or license plate could thusly be clearly captured throughout the field of view. Thanks for these, security staff got correct vehicle color identification for a red sedan instead of seeing it as a burgundy one. Most important of all, they could get accurate vehicle identification, locate vehicles of interest, and conduct the best possible matches in a timely manner.


Also, the active infrared lighting range of NCo-201-VHR was 25 meters, longer than the average 20-meter IR illuminators. Longer range delivered extended surveillance capabilities and the superior IR illuminator automatically adjusted illumination in response to the distance of given object in view so that NCo-201-VHR captured clear license plates 24/7 under shadow conditions.


In addition, these WDR cameras featured a cable management back box design which could enclose cables, provided better protection from tampering, and facilitated easier surface or flush mount installation, thus lowering total cost of ownership and simplifying installation. Most important of all, NCo-201-VHR has IP 67- and IK10-rated housing, adding its indoor and outdoor reliability under different weather conditions.


Thanks to EQL’s efforts and NEXCOM’s WDR cameras, the car park’s new surveillance system provided remarkable advances in coverage and reliability. The security staff could instantaneously view events at different sites, thus increasing operational efficiency and speeding the reaction time whenever events occurred “We are very happy with this solution. NCo-201-VHR is easy to install. NEXCOM provides vibrant colors, better WDR and wider coverage,” concludes EQL Engineer.

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