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September 25, 2017

NEXCOM and Energid Collaborate to Launch An Advanced 7-Axis Robotic System

With the advent of revolutionary advancement in the manufacturing industry, the demand for industrial robots is on a path to continuous growth, estimated to increase from 290K units in 2016 at a compound annual growth rate of 15% over the next two years, and China will account for 40% of the global industrial robot market by 2019 according to International Federation of Robotics (IFR). Based on data compiled by Bloomberg, the industrial robot market will rise by 21% in 2017, reaching 55 billion US dollars in sales revenue and 4 billion US dollars in profit and sparking a new wave of market optimism from the mid- to long-term point of view.


The global robotic controller sales are dominated by Japanese and European suppliers, and Taiwanese brands have little market presence. To help Taiwanese vendors make inroads into the high-end robot market, the Industrial Development Bureau of Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs connects Taiwanese and American enterprises through technology matchmaking in a hope to accelerate the domestic development of high-end robotic control technology. The effort has come to fruition. Under the collaboration between Taiwan-based NEXCOM and America-based Energid, an advanced 7-axis robotic controller is launched at the 2017 Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show, which is a core robotic system component manufactured by Taiwanese vendors.


NEXCOM has developed a robotic solution which integrates a variety of EtherCAT-based robotic controllers, NEXCOM's NexROBO Advanced Robot Control (ARC) software, and Energid's Actin® real-time robotic control software. The robotic solution can increase safety and precision in kinematic control for robots, improve human-robot collaboration, and fit for educational purposes. Energid has strengths in advanced mechatronic control software for intelligent robots. Working with NEXCOM will give Energid the opportunity to access the Asian market, increase its presence in Asia, and share the industrial robot market of 55 billion US dollars.


NEXCOM’s NexROBO robotic solution gives openness and modularity in terms of robotic control programming to engineers. In combination with Energid’s Actin® real-time robotic control software which can be applied to various industrial robots, the robotic solution will provide multi-axis robots with higher precision in real-time control and motion planning.


About Energid Technologies

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Energid Technologies develops advanced software and robotic systems for the energy, agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, and medical industries. Energid's Actin® software is a powerful robot control framework and operating system for commercial, industrial, and mission-critical robots that is sold as a cross-platform application and extensible software toolkit. Energid specializes in the sensing, control, and simulation of complex robotic systems. For more information, visit www.energid.com.

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