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December 15, 2021

NEXAIoT at 2021 Automation Taipei - Driving Sustainable Development

After two years, NexAIoT have again decided to take part in the 2021 Taipei Automation Exhibition during December 15-18. This year’s main focus is to “Drive the sustainable development of an enterprise”, and will use green energy, big data and smart manufacturing to demonstrate the latest solution of a complete Industry 4.0. Today, widespread automation is becoming inevitable as labor shortages are becoming evident during the pandemic. This has accelerated the adoption of automation solution for smart manufacturing. In reacting to this trend, NexAIoT has then significantly improved both OT and IT systems, through seamless integration of self-developed data centers and data from digital factories. Now, by utilizing the enterprise’s war room real-time decision information system, users are able to instantly grasp the performance status, production progress, data management of each production line, manufacturing execution index of the factory, shorten production cycle, decrease inventory/materials/storage time and increase inventory turnover. The essential information that are becoming within reach can assist users in ultimately, building a smart manufacturing plant with a high energy conversion rate. Moreover, it in turn combines industrial data security systems, industrial robotic solutions, industry 4.0 system integration and consultation services; guiding and revolutionizing smart manufacturing to the new generation. This will assist enterprises in further fulfilling their practice of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, reaching for greater customer success.


NEXAIoT at 2021 Automation Taipei - Driving Sustainable Development


According to KPMG’s 2020 Taiwan CEO Outlook survey, the increase in pandemic is shown to be positively correlated with the level of attention corporate leaders are towards ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) and corporate social responsibility. Under the indefinite and constantly changing global environment, 63% of CEOs believe that, ESG social corporate responsibility definitely deserves more attention. Thus, in response to the global trend, NexAIoT is proud to introduce CMC 300, a revolutionary new product dedicated for the renewable energy market. By implementing modularity, recyclability, reusability, and compliant to design concepts, NexAIoT has successfully became a supply chain of the wind power industry, providing well-known European wind turbine manufacturers with ODM controllers. With large heat conduction surface exterior, heat dissipation fins and IP65 designed mounting surface, it has the ability to provide excellent cooling and waterproof performance for busy offshore fans. Equipped with high performance Intel® Xeon® CPU, it can run SCADA, SoftPLC, EMS and software conforming to IEC 61400-25 simultaneously. In addition, to further strengthen the device, up to three levels of coating are customizable for the prevention of salt damage, resist corrosion; assisting the device in being able to cope with any harsh environments.


Over the years, NexAIoT has been facilitating customers and partners globally to transform their manufacturing facilities from Industry 3.0 to 4.0 by providing one-stop service for the deployment of I4.0 solution based on NexAIoT’s I4.0 smart manufacturing solution architecture. In response to the needs of organizations in implementing digital transformation, NexAIoT provides expert consultancy services for customers to assess their manufacturing system readiness for migration to I4.0 and support the implementation of the migration plan which includes providing advanced collaborative robot production line expertise, project planning, management and execution. NexAIoT has participated and completed many I4.0 projects on both sides of the strait, which include Lenovo Computer (Chengdu plant), Midea Electrical Appliances (Thailand Plant), Lite-On Technology, and 3C plants. This time, at the 2021 Taipei Automation Expo, NexAIoT will showcase industry 4.0 factory total solution –iAT2000 Cloud SCADA Automation System, and will make the four key elements necessary for intelligent manufacturing, (automation, machine networking, data center and enterprise war room) into an integrated digital enterprise operation system. In terms of data, NexAIoT will utilize results collected from many years of research and development and aggregate information from mixed sources in order to present the enterprise with an on-premise data center. By the use of an on-premises data and application platform, product history traceability software, along with microservice+K8S framework, (which are linked with various sources of system data from digital factories, such as: ERP, MES and machine networking) it enables the integration of distributed data lake, a powerful feature for unified access. Users are then able to easily obtain any data source from their enterprises’ war room all under their fingertips. The influential iAT2000 Cloud SCADA Automation System will definitely shine in this exhibition, visitors of this exhibition will have the opportunity to experience a detailed War Room display to demo its features and capabilities.


At the same exhibition, NexAIoT has also invited NEXCOM’s subsidiaries, NexCOBOT and TMRTEK to participate in the exhibition to expand the scope of their respective integrated services. This year, NexCOBOT will introduce their global’s first robot functional safety controller, a collaboration between Taiwan and Germany. This device will integrate an industrial-grade motherboard, I/O system and human-machine interface, which fulfills the design and specifications required for Functional Safety and TUV certification. Other than the innovative robot safety controller, the PC-based Linux with real-time operating system (Real-time OS) will also be on display.


Advancement in technologies have made it possible to engineer more intelligent and highly automated process to mitigate around the shortage of local and cross border manpower. In this exhibition NexAIoT and NexCOBOT will as well showcase a nationally developed 7-axis robot, and an intelligent autonomous mobile robot (NexMOV series) for transporting components and PCBA in 3C electronics factories. These innovative solutions are available for visitors to experience first-hand and will undoubtedly drive huge business opportunities.


NexAIoT’s booth will be at the 4th floor of the Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 (Booth No. L630), from 12/15 to 12/18. This exhibition will also be in conjunction with Facebook live stream and online gift events. Watch the live broadcast on the Facebook fan page and share, or after watching the live broadcast, fill out a questionnaire to win gifts and participate in a lucky draw. For more details of this event, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/NexAIoTforSmartManufacturing



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