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April 08, 2015

IoT Gateways Secure Productivity through Predictive Maintenance

Brining Intelligence to Manufacturing with the Internet of Things (IoT)IoT gateways can help manufacturers perform predictive maintenance so that failure risks lying in plants can be addressed in early phases. To be able to make accurate predictions, IoT gateways are required to monitor manufacturing equipment, systems, and sensors spread across plants and to collect data from them in order to run big data analysis in the cloud. Gaining access to these field devices plays a pivotal role in securing productivity and smoothing plant operation.


In this white paper, we examine the challenges of deploying IoT gateways and show how these challenges can be met with the NEXCOM cloud-ready IoT gateway solution NIO 100 which integrates critical hardware and software components. We explain how the NIO 100 uses the Intel® IoT Gateway platform to offer a universal solution to bridge the last mile gap between the edge and the cloud. We demonstrate how edge servers installed with NEXCOM IoT Cloud Studio simplify implementation of data handling policies, third-party cloud service integration, and gateway management. We then discuss how the security of IoT gateways can be enhanced with pre-integrated Wind River® Intelligent Device Platform and McAfee® Embedded Control.

IoT Gateways Secure Productivity through Predictive Maintenance


The white paper is also published on Intel® Embedded Community at http://embedded.communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-8378

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