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December 28, 2010

Go Forward in Industrial Computing with Intel® Atom™ D525 Based Solutions

To fulfill a variety of market requirements, NEXCOM has developed a range of customer orientated solutions which utilize the Intel® Atom™ D525 Dual Core processor. The Intel® Atom™ D525 processor features improved system performance, lower power consumption and a smaller package size. NEXCOM currently offers a number of different product solutions which utilize the Intel® Atom™ D525 processor.

Fanless Computer-NISE 2000 SeriesFanless Computer: NISE 2100 Series

NEXCOM NISE 2100 Series industrial fanless computer system is based on the Intel® Atom™ D525, a remarkable processor which boasts up to 50% better performance than the previous generation of Atom™ N270 CPU with only a 1% rise in power consumption.


Supporting DDR3 memory, the NISE 2100 Series is able to meet market requirements for ever lower costs of system configuration. NISE 2100 Series fanless system is designed to satisfy various application requirements with multiple I/O interfaces housed in a compact chassis. With a wide range of DC inputs, from 9V to 36V, NISE 2100 series is the best solution not only for industrial automation but also for in-vehicle computer applications, for example, production automation, data acquisition, access control, mobile DVR, Kiosk, self-service machine and many more.

Embedded Computer-EBC 352Embedded Computer: EBC 352

EBC 352, is a 3.5" industrial embedded board computer which because of it dimensions makes it the ideal choice for space-critical applications. Based on the Intel® Atom™ D525 CPU, EBC 352 supports LVDS 18/24-bit dual channels – previous versions of the Atom™ CPU would only support single channel LVDS.


EBC 352 also features PCI-104, which is an industrial control bus specially designed for embedded control. EBC 352 can be widely utilized within retail, hospitality, banking and medical markets.

Computer-On-Module: ICES 253

Computer-On-Module-ICES 253The process of developing a COM module is often time-consuming. To upgrade system performance, customers can simply integrate ICES 253 COM Express Module with any carrier board, therefore effectively shortening the development timeline.


In line with market requirements, ICES 253 gives users a multitude of expansion options. ICES 253 featuring Intel® Atom™ D525 processor, provides the computing power whilst customized functionalities rely on application-specific carrier boards. Developers can always utilize ICES 253 with scalable I/O design on customized carrier board to develop unique applications and add value. ICES 253 is therefore ideal COM Module for system developers of Panel PCs, medical equipment and real-time data analyzers.

Applied Panel PC-APPC 1720/1721TApplied Panel PC: APPC 1720T/1721T

With outstanding Intel® Atom™ D525, APPC 1720T (Applied Panel PC) has twice the computing power of previous products. Users also have total flexibility to replace 2.5" HDD and 2 x mini-PCIe with rear chassis.


This all-in-one compact machine is equipped with 17” flush touch panel which effectively prevents dust. This feature makes the APPC 1720T/1721T especially suitable for applications where stringent cleaning is required, such as within the food and beverages industry. With a wide range power inputs, from 12V to 30V, APPC 1720T is also an ideal solution for telecoms, industry and machine devices.

Platform Utility System-Xcare™Platform Utility System: Xcare™

Xcare™ is new system software developed by NEXCOM that provides automatic system management and enhanced monitoring and control of unusual system status. Designed to accommodate Intel® Atom™ D525, Xcare™ allows users to read and set a hardware range parameter to enhance real-time management and reduce human resources, such as fan speed, temperature, voltage, etc. A pop-up warning is immediately activated if monitored item exceeds the setting range.


In addition, Xcare™ offers functionalities of Watchdog and GPIO control for user convenience. Watchdog is performed to prevent system crash, and GPIO enables a variety of device connections, for example, buttons and switches. Xcare™ contributes to system stabilization which as an extra value offered by NEXCOM.


Equipped with Intel® Atom™ D525 CPU, NEXCOM has strengthened its product capabilities; not only in relation to mechanism designs, but also in terms of functionality. Nexcom is confident it can offer higher performance and greener products by utilizing Intel's cutting-edge CPU.


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