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March 13, 2015

Explore NEXCOM's Latest IoT Automation Solutions at Hannover Messe

At Hannover Messe 2015, from April 13 to April 17 at Booth D15 in Hall 9, NEXCOM will demonstrate its total solutions for PC-based automation control systems, building on the foundation of the convergence of physical things and the cyber world to construct the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). At the show, there will be four families of NEXCOM automation solutions–IoT automation solutions, NexMotion total solutions, industrial wireless and industry firewall solutions–each demonstrating how they can fit into the cyber-physical ecosystem to help users collect, analyze, and process raw data efficiently to identify meaningful messages such as predictive maintenance requirements.


Explore NEXCOM's Latest IoT Automation Solutions at Hannover Messe

However, under the Internet of Things (IoT) megatrend, a connected manufacturing operation with integrated data could arguably be the scenario every plant should strive for in a world with ubiquitous digital technology. Manufacturers are looking to the IoT, which lifts the communication barriers among field devices and enables data-driven decision making (DDDM). To surmount communication barriers among various field devices including machinery, robots, PLCs, and sensors, NEXCOM IoT automation solutions provide open-architecture solutions designed with cross-protocol communication capabilities to support data communication between field devices and the cloud.

NEXCOM IoT Automation Solutions

NEXCOM IoT automation solutions are divided into four levels consisting of EtherCAT, fieldbus, wireless access point (AP) and IoT gateway instruments at the field level; HMI, PLC, firewall, remote I/O and distributed I/O solutions at the control level; and SCADA systems at the management level and enterprise-wide levels.


NEXCOM IoT automation solutions are able to feed cloud servers with plant operational data and real-time data generated on a field site. Backend systems on the cloud can then monitor the data and translate them into valuable information, allowing executives to make insightful decisions and therefore to increase competitiveness in industry. NEXCOM IoT automation solutions can help manufacturers improve operations, strengthen security barriers, simplify device management, and reduce maintenance costs.

NexMotion Total Solutions

NEXCOM’s NexMotion™ is categorized into PAC, NET, NControl and MAC series. NexMotion offers total machine automation solutions by integrating with NEXCOM's in-house machine automation (MA) products and 3rd party solutions, such as servo motor, machine vision, CODESYS SoftMotion and EtherCAT I/O modules. NexMotion’s full spectrum of product lines is based on open architecture, integrated and decentralized designs to meet a range of industrial automation applications, from general motion control, CNC machines, industrial robots, to EtherCAT distributed control systems. At this show, visitors can see live demonstrations of NEXCOM solutions for CNC machining, conveyor and processing, vision inspection, packing, and industrial robots.

Industrial Wireless IoT Solution

As embedded devices inside equipment, machines and electrical appliances become intelligent, many of the objects that surround us will be on the network in one form or another. No matter which form it is in, device-to-cloud connectivity generates valuable big data insights that can create and uncover new opportunities for future businesses. At this show, NEXCOM will demonstrate its industrial wireless IoT solutions which include centralized controller-based Wi-Fi solutions that provide wireless connectivity and centralized management of APs dispersed in large enterprise and industrial networks. Visitors can also see live demonstrations for IoT gateways, EZ mesh technology, mesh networking and point-to-point networking.

Industry Firewall

In recent years, the rising demand in industrial networking has brought much attention to the importance of industrial network security. NEXCOM provides firewall routers that come equipped with broadband connections and built-in security to secure industrial networks from unauthorized access and cyber attacks. At Hannover Messe, NEXCOM will demonstrate its HENGE™ industry firewall router, which is a fully integrated industry multi-port firewall router with VPN function, stateful packet inspection, intrusion prevention and real-time alerts.

Event Details

  • Date: April 13-17, 2015
  • Venue: Convention Center, Hannover, Germany
  • Booth: Hall 9, D15
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