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December 01, 2022

Drive Digital Transformation Together in Smart City

Drive Digital Transformation Together in Smart City


We’d like to invite you to join our e-Conference. Get an insight into AI, IoT & 5G trends, learn how IPS global partners leveraged IPS platforms to build end-to-end solutions in each verticals, and dive into IPS’s latest products for smart cities.

Agenda & Case Study List

  Agenda Speaker Job Title
1 Enable Digital Transformation in Smart City Lisa Chen Assistant Vice President,
2 IPS Partner Support Program Erica Chen Sales Director,
3 AI Business Around Us Tony Tseng Product Manager,
4 How 5G/Wi-Fi 6 Reshape the Industries? Stephan Kuo Sr. Sales Manager,
5 In the age of AI and IoT - Smart Cities Ediz Altun IoT Sales Director, EMEA & India
Smart Cities & Education
Intel Corporation
  Case Study Speaker Job Title
1 Remote Customer Service with Neu-X302 - Avatar Experience Aki Kanke Marketing Manager
2 Reshaping the Mirror Therapy with NDiS Embedded System Patrick Bettsworth Product Manager
Steliau Technology
3 MES System in Food Packing & Production Mariusz Ciesielski Product & Marketing Manager
Microdis Electronics
4 Creating Now the Customer Experience of Tomorrow - Econocom Retail Experience Roi Iglesias Marketing Manager & Strategy
Retail and Digital Signage Manager
Econocom Products & Solutions
5 High-Res Display Applications with Dockable V-by-One HS Solutions Thiemo Reindel Marketing Manager
Distec GmbH
6 Digital Service Kiosk Deployment in Transportation - MTR Corporation Kenneth Man Sales Manager
Cyber World Creations (HK) Ltd.


To learn more about NEXCOM’s Intelligent Platform @ Smart City Solutions, don’t miss out on the IPS Global Partner e-Conference 2022. We look forward to seeing you online.

IPS Global Partner e-Conference 2022

  • Date: December 5-9, 2022
  • Time: Video On Demand


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