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August 24, 2021

[NOW OPEN] Make Future City into Reality: NEXCOM Future City Virtual Expo

NEXCOM Future City Virtual Expo is Now Open! Start exploring NEXCOM’s multiple target-market solutions for innovated technology, including Artificial Intelligent and 5G technology, and see how NEXCOM fulfills its smart visions into reality.


[NOW OPEN] Make Future City into Reality: NEXCOM Future City Virtual Expo


In this Virtual Expo, three pavilions are presented with NEXCOM’s total solutions powered by Intel’s high-tech platforms, such as, Intel’s Core™, Xeon® processor series, and Intel® Movidius™ VPU, which are applied in multiple vertical industries: including Industrial Automation, Smart Retails, Smart Transportation, Digital Surveillance, and Data Security.

Industry 4.0 Pavilion

In this pavilion, visitors can find total IoT solutions, robot and motion control solutions, as well as data transfer and security solutions at the scenes of virtual production line, PV Farm, etc., to discover NEXCOM’s seamless software and hardware integration applied in multiple markets.

Smart City Pavilion

This pavilion is composed of three main themes: Intelligent Platform Solutions, Mobile Computing Solutions, and Intelligent Surveillance Solutions. This pavilion presents the attendees with NEXCOM’s total solutions and vision of smart city. Users are free to explore city landscape, walk down streets, and roam a shopping mall, as well as take a ride via public transit.

  • Intelligent Platform Solutions
    Provide comprehensive & real time analysis in retail and passenger information management
  • Mobile Computing Solutions
    Emphasize urban transportation solutions and law enforcement powered by AI telematics computer systems
  • Intelligent Surveillance Solutions
    Display city surveillance solutions, seaport logistics solutions, and production traceability & security in manufacturing

5G Pavilion

NEXCOM is proud to showcase a series of network appliances based on latest Intel solutions announced this year, including the industrial security gateway product based on Intel Atom® x6212RE (codenamed Elkhart Lake) industrial-grade processor targeted for OT security with eSAF technology, and high-performance security appliances for 5G networks based on 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® product family (codenamed Ice Lake), as well as SD-WAN hardware solutions with Intel Atom® C3000R processor series (formerly Denverton) inside. These products are designed to meet today’s market requirements for high throughput, low latency, massive IoT and data security.


Join Together to Make a Future City into Reality!

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