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NexROBO Simulator

NexROBO Simulator

Experience robot operation immediately with NEXCOM's free NexROBO robot simulation software. By downloading the freeware, you can learn control operations of a 6-axis articulated robot without the need of a physical robot arm.


NexROBO is an open EtherCAT-based robot solution that includes modular components of a full-fledged industrial robot system, ranging from controller platform, robotic control software, teach pendant, to robot body. NexROBO simulator software simulates operation of a 6-axis articulated robot for path plan checking. Designed to assist the application development of smart robots, NexROBO frees up the time required for developing motor drives and controllers for laboratory testing and the time to code motor control programs. It helps familiarize developers with robot operating conditions and allows them to focus on algorithm design.

Main Features

Real-time Robotic Control Powered by EtherCAT: EtherCAT is a well-known fieldbus protocol that provides stable and real-time industrial communication. EtherCAT-based robot solutions leverage the high accuracy and high throughput nature of the EtherCAT protocol to ensure real-time robotic control. All robot operations are executed within 1ms cycle time.


Multiple Programming Language Support: NEXCOM's EtherCAT solution supports both C/C++ and IEC 61131-3 programming to offer user friendliness and flexibility for different development environments. Users can take advantage of the multi-language support by selecting suitable software to develop their robot applications.


Simulate Movements in Advance: NexROBO software provides user trajectory simulation of a 6-axis articulated robot along with movement imitations. Robot operations can be tested and verified in advance by just connecting to 6 EtherCAT drives and motors, even without a physical robot arm. Any robot control applications that require pre-testing can be simulated for validation before real operation of robots.


Strong Compatibility with Diverse Robot Types and Drives: NexROBO supports 6-axis articulated robots, 4-axis SCARA robots and 3/4-axis delta robots, which are the three most commonly used industrial robot types. Users can easily find compatible drives to build robots for industrial applications.


Supported Robot Types

  • 6-axis Articulated
  • 4-axis SCARA
  • 3-axis/4-axis Delta

Supported EtherCAT Drives

  • Yaskawa Sigma 5
  • Hiwin D2, D1
  • OMRON R88D
  • Delta A2E
  • Servotronix CDHD
  • Sanyo PB4D
  • Panasonic MINAS A5B
  • Mitsubishi MR J3-T04
EtherCAT-based NexROBO Solution Package

Application Scenario

Mobile Phone Testing Line: The testing process for electronic products is highly automated to meet the ever-increasing manufacturing demands. Among various products, mobile phones require the most complicated testing process in which some of them can only be achieved through machines or robots. Robots with simulation capability help users to easily develop control system for testing line.


System Requirement:

  • Control 6-axis articulated robot
  • Remote I/O for texture control
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