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NEXCOM Dianomic IIoT Gateway Solution

NEXCOM Dianomic IIoT Gateway Solution

NEXCOM has a long tradition of product excellence and has made a solid name for itself by working with customers to accommodate targeted outcomes. As industries and the world accelerate with transformative automation, NEXCOM is in an excellent position to be the hardware partner of choice.


There is a lot of buzz and confusion today around Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial IoT (IIoT). NEXCOM understands the complexities of connecting the edge to customers’ backend and assisting industries to develop best of breed approaches.


Industrial Operational Technology (OT) is driving more automation and edge-based processing. To facilitate and accelerate industrial transformation, NEXCOM has embraced Fledge for immediate use.


Fledge is an open source framework for IIoT that is used to implement predictive maintenance, situational awareness, safety and other critical operations.


NEXCOM+Fledge integrates IIoT, sensors, machines, ML/AI tools-processes-workloads, and clouds with the current industrial production systems and ISA-95 levels.

NEXCOM Dianomic IIoT Gateway Solution

Fledge project’s mission is to enable IIoT application development with a common set of APIs and easy-to-use pluggable architecture. Together, we can solve diversity and complexity issues when collecting and processing data beyond current control networks, and eliminate silos of data by integrating with mission-critical ISA95 systems, ML systems, and the cloud.  


NEXCOM is proud to support Fledge, establishing a growing line of preloaded and edge-enabled industrial gateways. The pre-configured products include the NIFE 105 for fixed assets and the VTC 1910 targeted at transportation related use cases. In addition, NEXCOM has contributed code to the Linux Foundation supporting Fledge southbound plugins for CAN 2.0, J1708 and J1939, to provide real-time monitoring for fleet management. The MVS 2623 with Coral intelligence provides a powerful purpose-built gateway combining the flexibility of Fledge with the strength of Google’s Edge TPU, better enabling edge use cases like real-time object detection from IP or USB cameras.

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