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Rackmount - X86 Based Mainstream Appliance

NEXCOM switch and communication appliance, utilizing the latest and multi-core processors, is capable of offering outstanding computing performance with a multitude of LAN expansion options. Products in the mainstream platform category provide a wide range of features that deliver mighty protection to the complex mid-size enterprise networks.

Product Model Name CPU Chipset Front LAN Module Slot Form Factor
9080536e-7cdf-4ceb-970a-b6063f823c67 NSA 5170C Intel® Xeon®
Intel® C236 4 1U
c7dcb46d-cb6f-4819-a9e9-570aecee52d4 NSA 5181 Intel® Xeon®
Coffee Lake-S,
C246 4 1U
64104105-fffe-431c-bfde-df04d8ae7a15 NSA 5190 12th/13th Gen
Intel® Core™
R680E 4 1U
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