Panel PC

NEXCOM provides robust and reliable marine computers for customers and partners, including high performance fanless computers, various sizes of applied panel PCs and displays. The certified marine computers are ideal for severe environments, and can be applied to fishing and container vessels, recreational boats, workboats, sailing yachts, etc. All marine solutions are built and tested according to critical industrial standards to ensure compliance.

Product Model Name CPU Chipset LCD/ Touch LAN/ COM/ USB
21abe312-36a5-4637-bfb6-e48bff918742 (M)PPC-080T-BT-01 Atom™ E3845 - 8" WVGA/
10 points P-Cap
790231ec-b9a3-4cbd-b043-55f3005b4953 (M)PPC-120T-BT-01/
Atom™ E3845 - 12" WXGA/
10 points P-Cap
2c893cc6-6a5d-42a7-9dfe-091440fd6289 (M)PPC-240T-HW-01 Intel® Core™
- 24" Full HD/
10 points P-Cap
Full range AC
24VDC power
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