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Intelligent Platform @ Smart City

Digital signage player delivers stunning messages to target audience and create experiences that are engaging and compelling, empowering customers to build brand image. Well-designed digital signage can dynamically update its content based on location context, send out real-time information updates over a network connection, engage customers with immersive visuals and interactive features, and provide personalized information and advertisement. Such experience that digital signage player brings is influential and many industries including transportation, retail, hospitality, and food service are now showing increasing interest in its deployment.


With new product service models, ranging from single-product designs to complete enterprise solutions that fit customers' business scenarios and usage, NEXCOM Intelligent Platform & Services Business Unit provides advanced interactive signage and kiosk solutions to interact, engage and innovate user experience.

AI Edge Computer
  • The NEXCOM AIBooster Series employs Intel® Vision Accelerator Design Products to provide power efficient deep neural network inference for fast and accurate video analytics. Embedded Intel® Movidius™ VPUs integrate into highly customizable and complex networks on multiple layers. AIBooster products feature impressive computing power and ultra-low power consumption, resulting in an industry-leading cost/performance per watt ratio.


    AIBooster products support machine deep learning solutions for high quality image processing, computer vision, and deep neural networks. Support for the Intel® OpenVINO™ tool kit facilitates facial recognition, motor vehicle license plate identification, misplacement differentiation, UAV auto navigation, and spatial positioning in robotics. Additional applications include healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, retail, and finance. NEXCOM AIBooster Series products offer easy scalability for different deployments while retaining all of their core proficiencies in any scenario.

  • Google Cloud IoT Ready Solution
  • NISE 3800E-GCIoT NISE 50-GCIoT
  • AI Accelerator
  • AIBooster®-X8
  • AI at the Edge
  • AIEdge-X®100 AIEdge-X®300 AIEdge-X®537
Digital Signage Player
Embedded Computing
Embedded Touch Computer
Fanless Edge Computing System
Industrial Rackmount Computer
Interactive Signage Solution Packs
  • The driving forces of the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud technology, and big data analytics have sparked a new wave of innovations for many industries. NEXCOM maps out the major opportunities helping retailers, hospitality, transportation operators and more to innovate user experience. NEXCOM also shows how it integrates add-on software with ecosystem partners to create smart end-to-end solutions that accurately provide the user with unprecedented engagement required to drive satisfaction, fuel revenue growth and spur higher ROI. To help customers create business opportunities in the IoT era, NEXCOM launches the idea of Solution Pack putting key components into one handy box for demonstration, evaluation, and showcasing.

  • DSS-100 IDS-100 RAS-100 RDK-100 SSK-100 SSS-100 VAS-100
Kiosk Panel PC
  • NEXCOM Kiosk Panel PC is a multi-functional and powerful solution for various markets from health care, gaming and industrial applications, featuring high performance, green technology and OEM/ODM reliability. Beside Kiosk Panel PC, NEXCOM also provides Multimedia Panel PC for digital signage players, self-service and kiosk applications, featuring built-in dual Ethernet and optional Wi-Fi module and the slimmest x86 based touch terminal.

Marine Computer
  • NEXCOM provides robust and reliable marine computers for customers and partners, including high performance fanless computers, various sizes of applied panel PCs and displays. The certified marine computers are ideal for severe environments, and can be applied to fishing and container vessels, recreational boats, workboats, sailing yachts, etc. All marine solutions are built and tested according to critical industrial standards to ensure compliance.

  • Fanless Computer
  • CE-HW-01/01-I5
  • Panel PC
  • (M)PPC-080T-BT-01 (M)PPC-120T-BT-01/02 (M)PPC-240T-HW-01
Passenger Information Panel PC
  • Passenger information system is considered as a useful tool to enrich passenger's transportation experience. Not only crucial information can be delivered to passengers in real-time via digital screens, it also generates substantial revenue for transport operators as well as advertisement agencies.


    Catering to fast growing demand for reliable, market-proven digital signage solutions for passenger information applications, NEXCOM runs dedicated teams from mechanical design, software programming to technical support to serve the industry seamlessly. Not to speak of ruggedized, fanless industrial design for improved durability to fit into indoor and outdoor environments, rich I/O ports are equipped for smooth integration with LCD displays as well as external devices. Moreover, in response to the need for centralized hardware management in large scale deployment, iAMT & DASH remote monitoring feature is available in NEXCOM passenger information systems, with which customers can integrate to their existing or new central management backend with the development kit provided.

  • All-in-one Panel PC (TPPC)
  • TPPC 2210 TPPC 2401 TPPC 2701 TPPC 3201
  • Display (TPPD)
  • TPPD 2200
  • NexPOS, NEXCOM Point-of-Sales (POS) solution, features high performance, green technology and OEM/ODM reliability that ensure the success of customer's investment. The features of NexPOS POS terminals include IP 65 front panel projection, PCT touch, removable HDD, 2nd display deployment, bezel free, or fanless design to meet diverse demands. Furthermore, some NEXPOS POS terminals also provide VESA or wall mounting based on installation requirements.

  • POS Box PC
  • NPB 3550
  • Touch POS Monitor
  • NPD 1050
  • High Performance POS Terminal
  • NPT 5850 NPT 5851 NPT 5852
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