VMC 2020

8" Rugged Vehicle Mount Computer with Intel Atom® E3950 Processor, Projected Capacitive Touch Screen and IP65
  • Main Feature
  • 8" TFT LCD monitor with projected capacitive touch screen
  • IPS LCD with wide viewing angle and resolution 1280 x 720
  • Touch panel cover thickness 3mm for IK08 protection
  • Sunlight readable capability: 1,000nits LCD brightness
  • CVBS input for analog camera x 4 (optional)
  • Isolated CANBus 2.0 x 1
  • Back-up battery for approx.15 min of operation (optional)
  • Wide range DC input from 9V~60V DC in
  • Complete IP65 waterproof
  • Touchscreen is operable with various gloves (even with water spillage)
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VMC 2020, the 8-inch all-in-one robust vehicle mount computer. It is designed for warehouses, ports, logistics, and material handling markets. It is based on the latest Intel Atom® E3950 processor on both Windows and Linux platforms, and offers both IP65 and IK08. The VMC 2020 is able to support analog camera x 4 (optional) for security purposes, with the ability to offer users video content in less than a second. With an optional backup battery, it can help back up data when car power battery is dangerously low. Its LCD panel 1,000nits guarantees users to read comfortably even under sunlight. Furthermore, its wide-range power input (9~60VDC) enables VMC 2020 to be capable of setting up in various facilities, forklifts, and vehicles. The design of mini-PCIe slots x 2 and M.2 slot x 1 is supported for WLAN/mSATA/capture card and WWAN wireless connectivity.

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