1 x SAE J1708 or J1939, 1 x CAN 2.0B or SAE J1939 Module
  • Main Feature
  • 1 x SAE J1708 or J1939/1 x CAN 2.0B or SAE J1939 supported (by module)
  • Proprietary form factor to release a mini-PCIe slot for additional application
  • Support bit rate up to 100 kbps~1 Mbps
  • Wide-range operating temperature
  • ESD and electrical protection
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Form Factor Proprietary
I/O Connector Dual 2 x 5-pin internal header
Function VIOX-CAN01
- 1 x SAE J1708 or SAE J1939 protocol supported
- 1 x CAN 2.0B or SAE J939 protocol supported (selection by switch)
Dimensions 50mm (L) x 28mm (W) (1.96” x 1.1”) Weight: 8g
Environment Operating temperatures: -40°C~85°C Storage temperatures: -40°C~90°C Related humidity (with system chassis): 5%~90%
Electrical Protection IEC 61000-4-2 electrostatic discharge (ESD): ±8KV/15KV (contact/air)
Software Driver and SDK
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