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Mobile Computing Solutions

NEXCOM offers a series of in-vehicle computers to gain real-time information access in remote, mobile environments. Users can obtain real-time information, entertainment and network computing services and creating new business opportunities through advanced computer and vehicle terminal systems. Another product line, rugged tablet PC, has specifically designed to enhance filed workers' productivity and efficiency. With robust and intelligent design,  the tablet PC can be connected to corporate systems to improve real-time communication and empower field-based decision making. 

Vehicle Telematics Computer
Railway Computer
Edge AI Telematics Solution
Vehicle Mount Computer
Vehicle Mount Display
  • NEXCOM also presents a range of vehicle mount display monitors, fully compatible with the VTC series in-vehicle computers. With automatic and manual brightness control, these monitors provide daylight-readable displays, assisting users in acquiring real-time information or data effortlessly. NEXCOM's vehicle mount displays are IP-compliant, distinguishing them from other consumer monitors.
  • 10"
  • VMD 3002 VMD 3110
  • 7"
  • VMD 1001
  • 8"
  • VMD 2000 VMD 2002 VMD 2003
IP Rating Computer/Display
In-Vehicle Networking
  • NEXCOM's PoE switch is engineered for telematics and rolling stock applications in harsh environments, housed in a fanless enclosure. It offers gigabit fast Ethernet ports, including IEEE 802.3af/at compliant PoE+ ports, to efficiently transfer large amounts of video streaming, voice and critical data across Ethernet networks. These mobile PoE switches support a wide voltage input range and feature intelligent power management, including low battery voltage protection, power-on and power-off delay timers, and auto ignition power on/off functions. These features ensure reliable operation and prevent premature failure of both the PoE switches and vehicles/trains.
  • Railway
  • VES 31-4SR/8SR
  • In-Vehicle
  • VES 31-4S/8S
PIS Solution
  • To simplify connections and cabling, NEXCOM provides a FULL HD HDMI Extender over IP system for public transport applications. This PIS solution extends HDMI signals over 100m, facilitating simpler and easier video broadcasting. The receiver also features an additional RJ-45 network port to function as an in-vehicle video DaisyChain extender. Moreover, multiple transmitters can deliver different videos over the same network, with a web interface available for signal selection.
  • HDMI Extender
  • VIP 1000 VIP 1000-R with Docker
Telematics Solution with Android
  • The Android telematics solution has gained popularity due to its ultra-low power consumption, simplified electrical design, small footpring, and compact mechanical design. NEXCOM's all-in-one mobile data terminal is ideal for fleet mangement, transportation, and logistics applications. It offers a compact and rugged design with a flexible expansion capability, making it perfecly suited for the limited space on the driver's cabinet and the high demands of wireless communications.
  • ARM-Based
  • VMC 110/111
  • X86-Based
Embedded Add-on Module/Card
Universal Fitness Console
  • The Universal Fitness Console is designed specificallly as a fitness console engine. It delivers exceptional processing power and audio-video decoding capabilities required for fitness applications to manage complex media sources and all connected devices. NEXCOM provides a comprehensive array of services, including mechanical design, final console system integration, pre-installed OS & GUI, and function validation for sheet metal frames that incorporate industrial-grade LCDs and touchscreens.
  • ARM Compact
  • UFC 100
Railway Panel Computer
Modular Vehicle Computer System
  • The modular vehicle computer system is an in-vehicle computer built with individually-housed modules which are interconnected but separately removable for service or upgrading. The MVS series gives users the flexibility to modify and expand existing I/Os by changing and adding pre-defined expansion modules. The implication is that users can add more functions to an in-vehicle computer without the need to open its enclosures, avoids touching ESD-sensitive circuit boards.


    The MVS series is available with a variety of interchangeable modules and expansion modules which are suited to different application scenarios and pre-validated to ensure system compatibility. Leveraging the MVS series and modules, users can fulfill application-specific requirements with minimum customization efforts, therefore accelerating time to market of products.

  • Core™ Performance
  • MVS 5600 MVS 5600-IP
  • Atom® Performance
  • MVS 2620-IP
  • Security
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