USB WhiteList 1.0

Configure a White List for USB Storage/Disks & USB Ports
  • Main Feature
  • Add USB storage/disks into white list
  • Add USB ports into white list
  • Import/export current setting for another PC use
  • Keep USB ports activities as a log file
  • A blocked USB port will block all USB devices, USB CD/ DVD player, and other removable medias, including USB keyboard/mouse (*)
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Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, WES7E, WES7P Microsoft Windows 8.1 Industrial Pro, WES8 Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
Hardware Requirements Disk space: 250 MB
Target Industry Factory IPC/CNC controller/industrial automation PC/motion control PC/medical systems/signage system player/vehicle system PC/POS/KIOSK/test and measurement PC/IoT gateway/edge server
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