Xcare™ 3.0

Remote Management Utility
  • Main Feature
  • Real-time hardware system monitoring and controlling
  • Remote monitor and control 36 embedded computers simultaneously
  • User friendly control library
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Xcare™ 3.0, a remote management utility, helps system integrators (SIs) develop a remote management tool with less time and effort. The Xcare™ 3.0 integrates Embedded Application Programming Interface (EAPI), Device Client and Remote Console. The Xcare™ 3.0 provides a unified platform to monitor and control up to 36 NEXCOM embedded computers. Based on the Xcare™, SIs can easily come up with a remote management tool to help the client carry out proactive maintenance; therefore, ensure optimal operation of NEXCOM computers all the time.


"Device Client" is real-time hardware system monitoring and controlling tool which is designed based on NEXCOM platforms. Users can use it to monitor the temperature, voltage and storages…etc. An optional pop-up or beep warning can be activated when any monitored item is out of the pre-defined range.

"Remote Console" is a remote monitoring, control utility running on administrator side, user can use it to monitor up to 36 devices.

"Embedded API" offering control library on: Watchdog timer, I2C/SMBus Bus, Panel brightness, GPIO, NVRAM, DRAM & Storage (Hard disk/selected SSD).

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