RTX64 2013

Transform Microsoft 64-bit Windows Into a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)
  • Main Feature
  • Provides a Real-Time Subsystem (RTSS) that runs on 64-bit Windows
  • Provides precise control of IRQs, I/O, and memory
  • Dedicated cores for performance and partitioning
  • RTX implements deterministic scheduling of real-time threads
  • RTX-based applications survive Windows crashes
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Application Determinism Guaranteed precision – set timer periods down to 1 microsecond; IST latencies of less the 10 microseconds. Separation from Windows – Windows processes cannot interfere with your real-time applications. Scalability – one scheduler is used across all real-time processors. SMP-aware scheduler utilizes both priority-driven and pre-emptive algorithms to ensure critical thread context switches. Yields to threads of high priority occur in the sub-microsecond range.
Control of Real-Time Applications and Environment Flexibility – configure how much or how little of your processing capability is used for real-time processes (1 to 31 processors). Full control of our real-time processes – load balancing as needed. RTX provides the ability to set thread and interrupt affinities. Peace of mind if Windows issues a STOP message or shutdown – real-time applications have the ability to continue running to a safe shutdown.
Target Industry CNC and Industrial Automation Manufacturers Motion Control Vendors Medical Systems Digital Audio and Video Editing Test and Measurement
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