RTX64 2013

Transform Microsoft 64-bit Windows Into a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)
  • Main Feature
  • Provides a Real-Time Subsystem (RTSS) that runs on 64-bit Windows
  • Provides precise control of IRQs, I/O, and memory
  • Dedicated cores for performance and partitioning
  • RTX implements deterministic scheduling of real-time threads
  • RTX-based applications survive Windows crashes
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The RTX hard real-time software transforms Microsoft 64-bit Windows into real-time operating system and delivers real-time symmetric multiprocessing on x86 multicore processors.


Soft-Control Architecture is an Integrated Real-Time Development Platform comprising Microsoft 64-bit Windows Embedded, multiprocessor x86 architectures, and IntervalZero’s RTX, which provides real-time extension to 64-bit Windows and enables SMP. OEMs can use it to design complex Human-Machine Interfaces require the precise coordination of multiple tasks and the deterministic hard real-time performance capabilities.

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