CPS 100-M

Industrial IoT Remote Gateway
  • Main Feature
  • Seamless integration of field devices, web, database and cloud services
  • Modbus TCP/RTU, OPC UA support in parallel
  • ISO-on-TCP (RFC 1006) support
  • Intuitive visual flow-based programming paradigm
  • Secure HTTPS/TLS encrypted data transmissions
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CPS 100-M, an edge IoT gateway, is fully integrated with Mobus TCP/RTU accessibility, OPC UA and IoT studio for extremely easy deployment of bothcentralized/decentralized field data implementation in automation process. User can not only retrieve the data for live monitoring but also extract key information for custom process, like prediction and maintenance, yield rate of production…and so on. Furthermore, IoT studio brings benefits of drag-and-drop data process, exchange field data over network securely between edge and the cloud, flexible field data store/analytics/statistics…and so on.


CPS 100-M is a perfectly matched solution for remote field data processing in automation.


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