NIFE 200/200P2E

Intel® Celeron® Quad Core Automation PC-Based Controller
  • Main Feature
  • Distributed, modularized and open-architecture controller
  • Compliant with Industrial IEC61131-3 Programming Languages (LD/FBD/SFC/IL/ST/CFC)
  • Support up to 1024+ I/O Points and maximum 24 Axis for motion
  • Support PLC Handler APIs and OPC-UA server for Client/M2M communication
  • Available HMI APIs for human-machine interface
  • Support industrial Ethernet Fieldbus protocols (EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET)
  • Support industrial Fieldbus protocols (PROFINET, PROFIBUS, DeviceNET) by optional FBI
  • Available NEXCOM IoT Studio for cloud and data acquisition
  • Support Multi-Core, Multi-Tasking powered by Intel® Celeron® Quad Core processor
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Date Description Version OS Download
2016-05-11 Audio Windows 224.9MB
2016-05-11 Chipset Windows 1.57MB
2016-05-11 Graphic Windows 354.9MB
2016-05-11 Intel Processor Windows 21.34MB
2016-05-11 Intel® Trusted Execution Engine (Intel® TXE) Windows 47.88MB
2016-05-11 Kernel Mode Driver Framework Windows 1.46MB
2016-05-11 LAN Windows 168.51MB
2016-05-11 MBI Windows 1.29MB
2016-05-11 USB 3.0 Windows 5.22MB
Date Description Version OS Download
2015-06-24 Quick Reference Guide Windows 1.25MB
2023-07-24 User Manual Windows 12.26MB
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