IPPC 1642P

15.6” 16:9 Control Panel Computer
  • Main Feature
  • Compliant with industrial IEC61131-3 programminglanguages (LD/FBD/SFC/IL/ST/CFC)
  • Support up to 1024 I/O points
  • Build-in HMI APIs for human-machine interface
  • Support remote monitor, remote control and maintenance
  • Support industrial Ethernet Fieldbus protocols (EtherCAT, Ethernet I/P, PROFINET)
  • Support industrial Fieldbus protocols (PROFINET, PROFIBUS, DeviceNET) by optional FBI
  • Support Multi-Core, Multi-Tasking powered by Intel® Celeron® Dual Core processor
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* HMI Software License Exclude

System Processor Main
Storage Software Package SoftPLC SoftMotion SoftMotion
HMI (Optional)
JMobile TargetVisu
IPPC 1642P P20 HMI Controller A0II1642P00X2

Celeron J1900

4G 32G

P20 Windows WES7 Package (P/N: 88II1642P00X2)

v - - v -
IPPC 1642P M20 HMI Controller A0II1642P00X2 4G 32G

M20 Windows WES7 Package (P/N: 88II1642P01X2)

v v - - v
IPPC 1642P R20 HMI Controller A0II1642P00X2 8G 32G

R20 Windows Win7ProEmb Package (P/N: 88II1642P02X2)

v v v - v
IPPC1640P SoftMotion HMI Starter Kit 10II1640P01X0 4G 32G

Build-in WES7

v - - v -
IPPC 1640P Bare-bone System 10II1640P00X0 4G Option

- Win8 32-bit/64-bit, WES8 32-bt/64-bit
- Win7 32-bit/64-bit WES732-bit/64-bit
- Linux Kernel version 3.8.0

- - - - -
System Optional Power Adapter
Power Adapter 120W 24V/5A w/ 3pin phoenix contact w/o power cord (P/N: 7400120023X00)
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