APPC 1542T

15” 4:3 Control Panel Computer
  • Main Feature
  • Compliant with industrial IEC61131-3 programming languages (LD/FBD/SFC/IL/ST/CFC)
  • Support up to 1024 I/O points
  • Build-in HMI APIs for human-machine interface
  • Support remote monitor, remote control and maintenance
  • Support industrial Ethernet Fieldbus protocols (EtherCAT, Ethernet I/P, PROFINET)
  • Support industrial Fieldbus protocols (PROFINET, PROFIBUS, DeviceNET) by optional FBI
  • Support Multi-Core, Multi-Tasking powered by Intel® Celeron® Dual Core processor
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 * HMI Software License Exclude

System Processor Main
Storage Software Package SoftPLC SoftMotion SoftMotion
HMI (Optional)
JMobile TargetVisu
APPC 1542T P20 HMI Controller A0IA1542T00X2


4G 32G

P20 Windows WES7 Package (P/N: 88IA1247T00X2)

v - - v -
APPC 1542T M20 HMI Controller A0IA1542T00X2 4G 32G

M20 Windows WES7 Package (P/N: 88IA1247T01X2)

v v - - v
APPC 1542T R20 HMI Controller A0IA1542T00X2 8G 32G

R20 Windows Win7ProEmb Package (P/N: 88IA1542T00X2)

v v v - v
APPC 1540T Bare-bone System 10IA1540T00X0

Atom E3826

2G Option


- Win8 32-bit/64-bit, WES8 32-bt/64-bit

- Win7 32-bit/64-bit, WES732-bit/64-bit

- Linux Kernel version 3.8.0

- - - - -
System Optional Power Adapter
Power Adapter 60W 12V/5A w/ 3pin phoenix contact w/o power cord (P/N: 7400060031X00)
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