NISE105-CNC Gateway

Industrial Internet of Machines Gateway
  • Main Feature
  • Plug-and-play CNC gateway to integrate controllers to the industrial internet of machines
  • Support one-click connection to mainstream CNC controllers such as Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Heindenhain, Siemens
  • Collect important machine information including position, coordinate offsets, alarm etc.
  • Connecting max. 10 CNC controllers via TCP/IP.
  • Connect to on-demand combination of controllers with one CNC gateway
  • Transfer data to iAT2000 SCADA or MySQL/SQLite database
  • Provide dashboard interface to monitor machine status
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NISE105-CNC Gateway_5 (P/N: 10105CNCGW5XR)
iAT2000 CNC-5 Gateway Windows software (P/N: 88J00010512X0) (connect up to 5 CNC controllers)

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