NISE105-CNC Gateway

Industrial Internet of Machines Gateway
  • Main Feature
  • Plug-and-play CNC gateway to integrate controllers to the industrial internet of machines
  • Support one-click connection to mainstream CNC controllers such as Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Heindenhain, Siemens
  • Collect important machine information including position, coordinate offsets, alarm etc.
  • Connecting max. 10 CNC controllers via TCP/IP.
  • Connect to on-demand combination of controllers with one CNC gateway
  • Transfer data to iAT2000 SCADA or MySQL/SQLite database
  • Provide dashboard interface to monitor machine status
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NISE105-CNC Gateway provides a convenient interface to integrate major CNC controllers into NEXCOM I4.0 Solution Network. The NEXCOM developed software contains APIs to gather data from the non-open CNC systems, and then use SQL software to actively transfer data to database. The Gateway is a once-for-all solution for all different CNC controllers in the market, which greatly reduce the effort required for system Integrators to develop various connection interfaces by their own. With the crucial device, SI can focus more on monitoring and analysis development; eventually maximize the effectiveness of factory automation.

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