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Human Machine Interface

NEXCOM offers a full line of HMIs (Human Machine Interface) with IP66 certified LCD front panel in sizes from 4.3" to 15". They are the ideal choice for demanding HMI applications including factory, marine and building/home automation. The JMobile software has more than 200 communication drivers available, allowing you to connect to a wide variety of control devices to support PLC applications and improve the efficiency of machine manufacturing.

Product Model Name LCD Touch LAN/COM/USB Expansion Module Slot
e8447985-627d-4039-9c8e-40f9d2e2d5de eLITE610 10.1” Resistive 2/1/2 -
e93d9633-9f2b-4a7c-a723-d4a5b4169983 eSMART04 4.3" Resistive 1/1/1 -
6681aed6-3aef-41af-958e-2fa30b95d8cd eSMART07M 7" Resistive 1/1/1 -
6b5b911e-fa29-4782-a466-637390ac175c eSMART10 10.1" Resistive 1/1/1 -
fab90b26-fab7-49a8-923a-026a7cb398c3 eTOP504 4.3" Resistive 2/1/1 1
8044086a-9588-4db3-931b-5f7a6d41d903 eTOP507 7" Resistive 2/1/2 2
df668506-ffde-47cb-bc68-d671672113b3 eTOP510 10.4" Resistive 2/1/2 2
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