7-axis Robot Package for Education
  • Main Feature
  • EtherCAT-based
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for education
  • Standard 7-axis articulated robot
  • Control cabinet
  • Robot control API
  • Articulated 7-axis robot
  • Open robot controller
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Robot Arm Robot Arm Degree of freedom: 7 Payload: 1kg Driving system: EtherCAT Servo Moto Position feedback: Absolute encoder Operation range: 682.5mm (maximum)
- J1: +175° to -159°
- J2: ±123°
- J3: ±167°
- J4: ±129°
- J5: ±167°
- J6: ±108°
- J7: ±180°
Repeatability: ±0.12mm Weight: arm 40kg Input voltage: single phase 240Vac
Controller DI/O: 16ch DI/15-ch DO Power Input : Single Phase 220V ac 10A Dimension : 480W*552D*264H (mm) Weight :32kg Safety : 1 x EMG on teach pendant, 1 x EMG on external I/O
Software NexARC runtime(Robot control runtime) NexMotion Studio(Configuration Utility) Provide standard robot motion control functions Support C\C++,C# and VB.Net for user programming OS: WES7
Installation Installation: Floor-mounting
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