nDAS 6000 Series

NexAIoT Data Acquisition System
  • Main Feature
  • Remote management
  • Remote application
  • Application domain
  • Industrial protocols are required
  • Real-time data and status are required
  • Remote monitoring and control based on HTML5
  • Rich protocols and communications support
  • Daisy-Chain networking and RS-485
  • Data storage and cloud storage
  • Data to cloud and Situation room
  • Users can develop their own functions
  • Customized OLED menu
  • Broadcast update
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Model P/N With OLED P/N Digital Input Digital Output Analogs Input Other
nDAS6000 10ND0600000X0 10ND0600001X0 - - - -
nDAS6017 10ND0601700X0 10ND0601701X0 - - 8-ch, 24-bit -
nDAS6050 10ND0605000X0 10ND0605001X0 8-ch,0~±3V
±10~±30V DC
8-ch, 500mA - -
nDAS6051 10ND0605100X0 10ND0605101X0 8-ch,0~±3V
±10~±30V DC
- - -
nDAS6056 10ND0605600X0 10ND0605601X0 - 8-ch, 500mA - -


Optional Accessories


nDAS_Wi-Fi (P/N: 10ND0060000X0)

M.2 2230 Wi-Fi modules, IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.


nDAS_OLED (P/N: 10ND0060001X0)

1.18-inch,128 x 128 Dots.

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