nDAS 6000 Series

NexAIoT Data Acquisition System
  • Main Feature
  • Remote management
  • Remote application
  • Application domain
  • Industrial protocols are required
  • Real-time data and status are required
  • Remote monitoring and control based on HTML5
  • Rich protocols and communications support
  • Daisy-Chain networking and RS-485
  • Data storage and cloud storage
  • Data to cloud and Situation room
  • Users can develop their own functions
  • Customized OLED menu
  • Broadcast update
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nDAS is a data acquisition system that can be applied in green energy, energy management, remote control, HVAC & AUQA, FA, etc. , and industrial communication requires data exchange. When you are far away from the device, you can monitor the status of the device in real time, collect data, connect data, etc. Support data storage and cloud storage, simple settings can easily connect to the cloud.



Can use cross-platform HTML5 web pages to allow users to monitor and operate devices remotely

Provides common communication protocols such as REST API, TCP/IP, modbus RTU/TCP, OPCUA, SECS/GEM equipment, Line, WeChat, Mail, Teams, SQL client

TCP/RS-485 can support modbus TCP/RTU data exchange, and support Dual-LAN, Ring and Daisy-Chain. Also having auto-bypass protection allows any device in Daisy-Chain to continue for 48 hours after power failure, so the damage can greatly reduced

It can record more than 10,000 sample data locally, and also supports direct upload of data to the cloud disk Dropbox, One drive, Google drive in the available space

Provide flexible development and condition tools such as VIC-Flow and Python, allowing users to easily develop unique functions and conditions

Users can create their own OLED graphics in the menu, and can quickly update settings
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