H.264++, 5MP Middle Range LPR Camera,Smart LPR Modes, P-Iris, True WDR
  • Main Feature
  • 30fps@5MP
  • Smart LPR Modes
  • Capture Plate Distance 6M~10M
  • Car Speed 100KM/h max.
  • Advance P-Iris
  • 110 dB True WDR
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NEXCOM introduces new H.264++ IR vandal bullet type IP camera, offering outstanding 5MP image quality including zoom focus function, True WDR with H.264++ streaming and no matter car is moving at high speed or it is rainy during day & night. NCr-662-VHA IP Camera is suitable for building surveillance solutions for parking, gate entrances, barriers, ets. It is able to overcome variation light condition and capture plates clearly within 6M~10M distances when cars are moving. Smart LPR Modes are available for clients to attain optimized result during the whole day. IK10 and IP66/IP67 makes IP camera ideal for all kind of extremely working behavior.

H.264++ Technology

The H.264++ technology could reduce bandwidth to perform excellent video compression rate with lower storage consumption. Under the same image quality level if we compare with traditional H.264++ technology can help to save 25%~50% data flowloading or even 98-99% possible bitrate reduction for still scenes to enhance IP camera system performance.

Ultra Low-Light

High sensitivity sensor which features sensitivity less than 0.01 Lux. It can capture good images under the extreme low-light conditions.

Smart LPR Modes

Smart LPR Modes are available with customized and optimized difference parameter settings in order to meet most variations in light, weather and other environmental factors during a day. It is providing clients with more flexibility to attain optimized image results.

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