Serial to LoRa Wireless Adaptor
  • Main Feature
  • Serial to LoRa convertor
  • Easy to setup and maintain
  • Long distance ( up to 2,000 meters )
  • Up to 255 Bytes per packet
  • Receiving sensitivity: -137 dBm
  • 5~24V & 5V Micro USB power supply (alternative)
  • Broadcast mode (no pairing required)
  • Secured AES encryption in wireless communication
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Main Chip LoRa transmission : Semtech SX1272 Soc : Cortex®-M0 Memory: Flash 128K
Wireless Interface Modulation: LoRa Frequency: 862 ~ 932MHz Frequency accuracy: ± 10KHz Data rate: 0.244 ~ 18.2Kbps(LoRa) Antenna impedance: 50ohm
RF Output Power 2 ~ 20dBm
Receive sensitivity -137dBm
LoRa Communication Distance 2 ~ 5Km
Baud Rate RS232/RS485:
Half duplex of RS232
- Baud rate to 9600、19200、38400、57600、115200bps
Half duplex of RS485
- Baud rate to 9600、19200、38400、57600、115200bps
Power Source Supply Voltage: 5 ~ 24VDC terminal block 5V Micro USB (alternative)
Power Consumption Standby:
- 5V: 15mA
- 12V: 7mA
- 24V: 4mA
- 5V: 115mA
- 12V: 44mA
- 24V: 23mA
Environment Operating temperature: 0℃~ 50℃
Mechanism Dimensions: W*H*D: 27*89*68 (mm) Weight: 82± 5g
Physical and Power Supply voltage: +5 ~ 24VDC terminal block +5V Micro USB (alternative)
Certification FCC, CE
System Management Com port support system firmware upgrade
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