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IoT Solution Pack (原Product Type IoT Solutions)

NEXCOM provides a series solution packs to fulfill different demands of our customers. PDM, Predictive Diagnostic Maintenance, is one of the most important topic in the trend of Industy 4.0. Nexcom is trying to find a way to demonstrate to our customer, to show our achievements on this topic, and nothing is better than a mini size demo kit.
This demo kit is not only a tool to demonstrate our capability, but also can be used for education or training purpose. Users can simulate various machinery behaviors and learn to analyze them via reading the charts or graphics.

Product Model Name Content List Software Support PDM SCADA Station Frame Dimension (mm)
10d4e4da-939c-41b1-8158-e2a48aeec08f NISE 3700E PDM Solution Pack NISE 3700E,
Rockwell PLC,
Rockwell XM module,
Rotor Kit (with 2 sensors)
IIoT Studio
NISE 3700E 720*460*220 mm
d0abc879-8c69-4ca4-9532-80d0d9b7ec16 PDM300-RBT IoT Solution Automatically
Robot PDM
Robot Predictive
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