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eSAF Platform Manager Plant Edition

Industrial Field Assets and OT Systems Guardian
  • Main Feature
  • Asset Assessment: Tracking equipment asset status, and evaluating vulnerability risks
  • Threat Intelligence: Establishing the correlation of cybersecurity incidents, and behavior analysis reporting
  • Cyber Threat Indicators: Provide real-time security status of equipment
  • Micro-segmentation: Create smaller monitoring zones and prevent further spread
  • Add-on deployment: Minimal Impact on existing environment, flexible deployment
  • Multi-Domain Adaptability: Smart factories, transportation, healthcare and critical infrastructure
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TMR Technologies Co., Ltd. (TMRTEK), a subsidiary of NEXCOM, specializes in the development of cybersecurity solutions tailored for Operational Technology (OT), Industrial Control Systems (ICS), and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Our cutting-edge platform, eSAF, stands as TMR's dedicated OT cybersecurity protection solution, encompassing a wide array of functionalities.


eSAF Platform includes: eSAF Platform Manager – Security Analysis and Insight Center (Performance) eSAF Frontier V - Comprehensive Visibility for OT and IIoT Network eSAF Frontier X - Plug-n-Play Cross-Network Protection for IT and OT


The eSAF Frontier X/V series is meticulously crafted to safeguard valuable assets, while the eSAF Platform Manager is deployed for the comprehensive protection of OT systems. These solutions find application in critical infrastructures such as manufacturing plants, petrochemical facilities, energy sectors (oil, natural gas, power), and water resources. By doing so, they ensure the uninterrupted operation of systems and serve as the ultimate line of defense for critical equipment.

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